Guarantee3 guarantees to strengthen your game and make you a better basketball player.

Guarantee3 will strengthen your shooting arm, rapidly improve your dribbling skills and develop muscle memory. Guarantee3 was created to be used by boys and girls, men and women; from beginners to the most experienced basketball players.  Guarantee3 can be used anytime, anywhere.  Order Guarantee3 today and start improving your game. 


I like that it helps my form and reminds me to keep the ball low and close to my body. I became a much better basketball player by using the Guarantee3. 

Guarantee3 has helped my muscle memory and muscle control while dribbling the ball and also helped my shooting technique. I follow through on my shot much better. I have been able to work on my shot at home without a court or ball.


I just started playing basketball and Guarantee3 has really helped me learn form shooting and dribbling skills. While I'm just beginning, I already feel good about my game! 

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