• Weekend Basketball Highlights

    Every Monday, Guarantee3 will bring you the best basketball moments that you may have missed over the weekend. 


    • Jack Taylor, guard for the Division III Grinnell pioneers scored 109 points on the Crossroad Knights, leading his team to a 173-123 victory. He shot 24-48 from three-point range. Over the first two games of the season, Taylor has averaged 90 points-per-game. 90! Last year, Taylor scored 138 points in a game. 
    • Belmont University upset #12 North Carolina on a late three by senior J.J. Mann. They won 83-80. North Carolina finished the game shooting 46% from the free throw line. At least one of the misses came from a Belmont fan singing Miley Cyrus. 
    • The Sacramento Kings set a record for loudest indoor crowd noise. During the fourth quarter, the 17,317 fans reached 126 decibels, beating the previous record of 106.6 decibels. Despite the noise, the Pistons still managed to beat the Kings 97-90. 

    That's the big news from the basketball world. Have a great week and don't get distracted shooting those free throws! 

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