• Top 6 Worst Free Throw Attempts

    At Guarantee3, we are all about the pure jump shot. Elevation, release, and follow through all combine to make a beautiful shooting motion. Free throws are another great way to judge a player’s shot. Are they a consistent, high-percentage shooter with great mechanics and focus? Or does it hurt to watch them shoot? Here are some examples of the latter. These players needed more work with Guarantee3 to improve their free throw form.


    Appalachian State- This free throw doesn’t even make it halfway to the hoop. He needs to strengthen his shot.


    DaSagana Diop- This NBA player missed everything with his free throw attempt.


    Ben Wallace- In his career the defensive standout only made 41.4% of his free throws, the worst in the history of the NBA. In this clip he air balls it twice.


    Shaquille O’Neal- You can’t have a list of bad free throw shooters and not include Shaq. One of the best centers of all time, he was a 52.7% career free throw shooter, with horrendous form.


    DeAndre Jordan- Jordan has the worst free throw shooting percentage in the league right now, shooting 43.7%.


    Chuck Hayes- Hayes displays horrible form on these two free throw attempts.


    Free throws are incredibly important to any game. Make sure your form is down and you can knock down free throws easily. Did we miss any head-shaking bad free throws? Leave us more examples here, on our Facebook page or on Twitter @Guarantee3Bball.

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