• Basketball Drills For The Home

    It’s cold across most of the country. Real cold. That makes outdoor training or even getting to a gym difficult. Guarantee3 feels your pain. So you’re stuck in your house and want to get a good basketball workout? Guarantee3 has some great ways to work on your shot and never take a step out of the home.


    Guarantee3 Workouts: Guarantee3 is designed to be used anywhere, anytime. Simply put the Guarantee3 on and begin your workout of full extensions and wrist flips. You can see the full workout plan here. These form shooting workouts will help you perfect your muscle memory, making your shot automatic in game time situations. These workouts can be done without a ball, making them the perfect cold weather workout.


    Floor Shots: After getting in reps with your Guarantee3 trainer, lie on the floor, bend your legs, and shoot the ball directly at the ceiling. You should be using the same shooting motion as you were with the Guarantee3. If you feel your form changing, go back to your Guarantee3 workouts to solidify your shooting form.


    Strengthen Your Dribbling: Fingertip strength is key to having strong handles. Sit down and quickly tap the ball back and forth between your hands. Do this for as long as you can before losing control of the ball. As you get better, you can move your arms to different locations and attempt more difficult dribbling moves as you quickly tap the ball back and forth.  After strengthening your fingertips, use Guarantee3 in the gym to become an even better dribbler.


    These drills can be done anytime and safely inside the house. Stay warm and never stop working to become a better basketball player! What are some of your favorite indoor drills? 

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