• 5 Game Changing Tips That Will Boost Your Basketball Confidence

    Maybe this is your first time on the court, and you’re worried what other people might say.

    Or maybe you want to start on your high school varsity basketball team, but don’t trust your shot.

    Perhaps you’ve lately been stuck in a slump you can’t seem to get out of.

    These situations make you question your game and often lead to a lack of confidence on the court.

    No matter your age or skill level, we all have faced low basketball confidence from time to time.   

    Even recently retired Laker star, Kobe Bryant, admitted in a Washington Post article that he has slumps:

    “I’m the 200th-best player in the league right now.”


    What we’re trying to say, you’re not alone.

    To help you out, we’ve gone through TONS of articles, Youtube videos, and social media feeds, and have compiled them into 5 game changing tips that will boost your basketball confidence.

    Don’t let a lack of confidence get in the way of your game.

    Here’s 5 Game Changing Tips That Will Boost Your Basketball Confidence:

    1. Keep your eye on the target

    Not on the basketball.

    Not on the flight of the basketball.

    This is fundamental.

    The earlier you find the target, or rim, and keep your eyes on the target, the better chance you have of making the shot.

    Basketball is like darts, horseshoes, those carnival games where you win a stuffed animal if the ring lands around the glass bottle.

    They all involve a target.

    For basketball, the target is the rim of the hoop.

    Like playing a game of darts, we want to get a bullseye.

    Or, with basketball, getting the ball in the hoop.

    The first step to achieving this is keeping your eyes on your target--the rim.

    BREAKTHROUGH BASKETBALL has some great resources for stationary shooting.

    For shooting off the dribble, check out College Coach, Julia Allender’s Youtube video.

    We also have some more shooting tips for you here, how you can become a clutch shooter.

    2. Add a jump rope

    Jump roping improves coordination and stamina.

    It also keeps you on your toes, which strengthens your lower leg muscles and allows for explosiveness on the court.

    USA BASKETBALL has some great jump rope drills.

    Add one of those to your workout routine.

    3. Shoot one-handed

    You have your guide hand and your shooting hand.

    Your guide hand keeps the ball secure from any defenders.

    It also helps you bring the ball up when you shoot.

    However, your guide hand comes down when you shoot.

    If not, that extra push from the thumb of your guide hand will offset your shot.

    In the video below, it is recommended to place your guide hand on the front of the ball instead of the side.

    This will force you to bring your guide hand down when you shoot.

    4. Dribble faster

    Howard from Howard Elite Basketball explains that to dribble the ball faster, you have to get low and pound the ball harder.

     For better handles, you need to practice, practice, practice your dribbling workouts.

     And you don’t just go through the motions.

     Push your body to the limit.

     You will thank yourself on game day.

    5. Mindset is everything

    This sounds cliche.

    But mindset is everything.

    Especially when you’re in a slump, you need to stay positive.

    Slumps are temporary.

    Look at every pass, shot, move as a game of its own.

    If you miss that shot, fumble the pass, mess up on that move, that’s ok.

    Look to the next game.

    Check out these pump up songs  and inspirational basketball quotes.

    Bonus Tip

    To get the most out of these tips and drills and boost your basketball confidence more, use Guarantee3.

     Did these tips help you?

     What tips do you recommend in boosting basketball confidence?

     Leave a comment below.

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