• 9 Insane Basketball Shots That Will Give You Motivation

    basketball shots

    You’ve seen pros on TV shoot epic, buzzer-beater shots from half court, but what about a guy shooting a basketball on fire?

    How about a basketball shot from a skyscraper 500 plus feet high?

    The most creative shot ever?

    The thing is, 8 out of 9 of these insane shots aren’t even from pros.

    For the most part, these are insane, abnormal shots from generally normal guys.

    Some of these shots are meant to make you laugh, but all are meant to give you motivation.

    Check out these 9 Insane Basketball Shots That Will Give You Motivation--(we guarantee it!)

    1. Epic Nature Shot

    Some people win the lottery. And then some people make shots like this.

    Let’s just say it involves a guy kicking a basketball and a tree. Take a look:

     (h/t Holy Kaw!)

    2. Best Shot Using Not 1, But 2 Basketballs

    Ok, so this guy not only does a flip on a trampoline and then somehow gets the basketball in the net, but does it with 2 basketballs back-to-back.

    This is insane!

    Check it out:

    (h/t Holy Kaw!)

    3. Craziest Shot Ever

    And when we way “craziest” we mean it.


    Who came up with the bright idea of lighting a basketball on fire and then trying to shoot it in the net?

    And then shoot a basketball in a ring of fire?...hmmm

    Nonetheless, watch for yourself. 

    (A note of caution: please don’t attempt any part of this at home. As you can see, it’s very dangerous.)


    4. Luckiest Shot Ever

    This post went viral a while ago, but since Josh Allinot (b-ball shooter) happens to be the luckiest basketball shooter in the world, we’re willing to post it again.

    According to a CBC article,

    "I [Josh Allinot] was with some friends playing pick up and dunked during the game," Allinott told CBC Hamilton. "They left and I tried to see if I could dunk again."

    Alone in the school gym, Allinott placed his iPhone on the bleachers and hit record, trying to capture proof that he could in fact dunk a basketball.

    The result may have been better.

    This guy is living proof that when you fail, try, try again.

     His reaction to his shot may be the best part.

     Watch this:

    (h/t Holy Kaw!)

    5. Most Inspirational Shots

    Ok, this guy did go on to be an NBA player, but his story is so inspirational it needs to be added to the list.

    Tyron Bogues, or Muggsy Bogues is 5 feet, 3 inches.

    This makes him the smallest NBA player yet.

    An NPR article about Bogues revealed:

    Raised in Baltimore's Lafayette projects, Bogues loved to play basketball — but he always had to prove himself. The other kids didn't take him seriously on the court, saying he was too short to play.

    He didn’t let that stop him.

    As you can see from the clip, Bogues was drafted into the NBA and still didn’t allow size to hold him back.

    If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, Bogues shoots at: 0:05, 0:13, 0:34, 0:56, and 1:05.

    So for all of you below 6 feet, 8 inches, watch this:


     6. Greatest Elaborate And Creative Team Shot

    You’ll see why it gets this title. 

    We can’t tell you much, except this shot is hilarious.

    You just have to see it for yourselves:

     (h/t Holy Kaw!)

     7. Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Shot

    At most you might shoot against your friends for a couple dollars.

    If Lem Turner makes this shot from half court, Ball State University will give him free tuition for a semester.

    See if he makes it:


    If you want to read more about Turner’s shot, check it out here.

    8. World Record Shot

    Enough said.

    These guys attempt to beat the world record of the highest basketball shot.

    They’re dropping a basketball 400 plus feet off of the Gordon Dam.

     (h/t Holy Kaw!)

    9. This shot tops the previous world record shot, plus  even more basketball world record shots

    So, as you saw, the guys in the previous video got the world record for highest basketball shot--roughly 415 feet.

    Well, watch these guys top it...from a 500 plus foot skyscraper!

    And they go for even more basketball world records, such as longest alleyoop shot, longest blindfolded shot...

    (h/t Buzzfeed


    Have you made or seen an insane basketball shot?

    Is there one we missed?

    Leave a comment below.

    Do you know what’s also insane?


    Did you know you can make insane shots with this

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