• Top 5 Active Free Throw Shooters

    Guarantee3 is designed to help you perfect your basketball shot and give you game-time confidence. Need to ice a close game with some clutch free throws? Our product can help you reach the accuracy levels of these players who seem to never miss a free throw.

    1. Steve Nash- 90.42%   The current Laker has been in the league since 1996. During the 2009-2010 season, he made 211 out of his 225 free throw attempts. 


    1. Chauncey Billups- 89.42%   The current Detroit Pictons point guard has always been a sharpshooter. Drafted 3rd overall by the Celtics in 1997, Billups has had a very successful career. During his 16 year career, he has only missed 531 free throws. 


    1. Ray Allen- 89.36%   The all-time leader in three pointers made, Ray Allen is also a lights out free throw shooter. During the 2008-09 season, he shot an amazing 95.2% from the free throw line. He missed only twelve free throws that season. 


    1. Kevin Durant- 88.36%   One of the best players on the league, Durant has a unique free throw routine. He also does a great job of getting to the line. In 2009-10 he attempted 840 total free throws.


    1. Dirk Nowitzki- 87.74%    The seven foot German is one of the best shooting big men in the league. During the 2011 playoffs, he made 38 consecutive free throws. During hat streak he managed to make 24 of 24 free throws against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

    These players all have a routine they use every time they step to the line. Do you have a specific routine? Let us know here, on our Facebook page or send us a tweet! 

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