• Greatest Viral Shooting Performances

    Here at Guarantee3, we are all about shooting form and performances. We’ve spent endless days perfecting our product so you can train to have the perfect shooting form. The following videos are of players that have perfected their shooting form and become YouTube legends. Train using Guarantee3, and one day you may find yourself a viral hit like these shooters. Even if you don’t, you’ll be the proud owner of a great basketball shot.

    1.Fred Newman hits 209 three-pointers in a row. At the age of 60.

    2.Josh Ruggles hits 135 3’s in 5 minutes. Shoots 92%.

    3. Michigan player Nik Stauskas shoots 70/76 from 3-point range in the rain.


    BONUS VIDEO: In clear weather he makes 128/142

    4. Former K-State star Laurie Koehn goes 132/135 from the three point line.


     Are there any shooting performances we missed? Let us know here, on our Facebook page, or tweet us @guarantee3bball

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