• Guarantee3 Dribbling Drills

    Guarantee3 does more than just improve your shot. By using Guarantee3, you can also greatly improve your dribbling ability. Become a better ball handler and reduce your turnovers, develop explosive drives to the basket, and make your opponent wonder where your next move will take you. Here are some great drills to use with Guarantee3 to take your dribbling to the next level.


    Dribbling Suicides- Put Guarantee3 on and connect to your right hand. Keeping the ball close to your body, run a suicide while dribbling the ball exclusively with your right hand. Run the suicide by starting at the baseline, running to the nearest free throw line and then returning to the baseline. Dribble the ball to the middle line and return to the baseline. You then dribble the ball to the far free throw line and come back to the baseline. From here, dribble to the far baseline and back. This counts as one repetition.  For this drill you will do the following number:

    • 3 reps per set. 3 sets per hand. Total of 6 sets. Take a 3-minute rest between sets.


    6 Cone Drill- Line up 6 cones in a straight line, five feet from each other.  Put Guarantee3 on and connect to your right hand. Starting five feet from first cone, dibble towards it. When you reach it, crossover to your left hand while running to around the cone on the left side. Aim towards the next cone and when you reach it, cross back over to your right hand, running around the cone on the right side.  Continue, alternating hands between each cone. When you reach the last cone, turn around and repeat the drill coming back. This counts as one repetition.

    • 5 reps per set. 5 sets per hand. Total of 10 sets. Take a 2-minute rest between sets.


    Blindfold Drill- One of the most important aspects of dribbling is being able to keep your head up and not look at the ball. This is a stationary drill. Put Guarantee3 on your right hand. Stand in one place and put a blindfold over your eyes so you cannot see the ball. For 60 seconds, dribble the ball standing in one place. Use mostly your right hand, crossing over to your left occasionally. You should be in an athletic stance throughout the drill. 60 seconds counts as one repetition.

    • 5 reps per hand. Take a 30 second break between repetitions.


    These are only a few drills that can help you become a sure-handed dribbler. Contact us at for more information. What are some of your favorite drills? Let us know by leaving a comment here, on Facebook or send us a tweet @guarantee3bball.

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