• How to Dunk a Basketball Like Nobody’s Business

    ho to dunk a basketball

    We have something to admit.

     It’s not pretty…ok, here it goes…

     You can dunk a basketball.

     Before you think of the 509 ways you can’t, listen to the voices in your head yelling no, click off this page and think of 509 other ways to distract yourself from that queasy sensation in the bottom of your stomach called ‘fear of failure,’ look at this:

     William Easton, the guy in the video who is dunking, is 5’2’’.

     Now there’s nothing stopping you (and if you’re under that height, all the better—learn how to dunk and break records).

     Face your fears.

     Here’s how to dunk like nobody’s business.

     Get Vertical

     Dunking is all about vertical. The taller you are the less height you have to worry about getting. (This is where it pays off to be 7’2’’.)

     Now, don’t sweat. Just because you’re not Manut-Bol-height does not mean you can’t dunk—the video above proves this. It just means you may have to work harder on your vertical to get there.

     To do this, you need to strengthen your body. Here’s an awesome workout that specifically focuses on building your body for dunking.    

    Jump Around

    Also, make sure to practice those hops. Take a piece of tape, any type of marker. Pin it to a wall: could be your garage, the side of your house, a tree, whatever. Jump up, trying to touch it. Once you do, move it up a couple inches. Repeat.

     Make sure your arms are back, bend your knees slightly so that you’re in a quarter squat. Then jump. You should land in a semi-squat position. These plyometric techniques go into more detail.

     (Jumping is especially hard on your body. Pay attention to it and feel free to stop at any time.)

     This sounds basic, but visually seeing the marker provides mental motivation. It’s a visual reminder of how far you’ve come and allows you to celebrate the smaller feats.

     You can even use chalk to visually track your improvement.

     This beats starting out trying to touch the basketball rim, as you most likely would get pretty disappointed fast.

     Once you’re up to a point where you’re almost hitting the basketball rim, practice your jumps by trying to touch the rim.   

     Go for a more incremental process than trying to go straight for the goal.

     Palm the Ball

    Jumping is one side of dunking. Palming the ball is the other.

     Practice palming the ball.

     As USA Basketball states in “How to Dunk a Basketball," “If your hands aren’t big enough, you can go up holding the ball over your hand like a waiter holding a plate of food.”

     Wait, what? Missed the info? No problem, here’s a summary:

    •  Dunking isn’t entirely determined by height
    • William Easton proved that
    • The stronger your body is, the higher you’ll be able to jump
    • Practice jumping using plyometric techniques
    • Track your jumping process visually with a marker and/or some chalk
    • Graduate to the basketball hoop, trying to touch the rim
    • Know your body: Make sure you don’t overuse your muscles
    • Practice palming the ball. If you can’t do that, try holding the ball the other way, basketball-up, hand-below

     Have any more dunking tips? Leave a comment.

     Not quite sure how dunking works? Email or message Guarantee3 all your dunking questions. 

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