• Top 6 Current Basketball Rankings That Will Blow Your Mind

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    2017 is hear, and, with this, calls for a new year of basketball—clutch three-point shots, mad handles, insane drives, and massive strips. Yep, that’s right, all the basketball we love.

    To start this year off, we thought it best to give you the most recent, craziest basketball stats, guaranteed to blow your mind.

    Sure, you may be wondering who’s currently the best shooter or who has the most potential, but what about best coach? Or sixth man?

    Check it out: Top current 6 basketball rankings that will blow your mind.

    1.  Best NBA Team: The Warriors

    Yep, although the Antonio Spurs may have been ranked first last year as the best team to beat, currently the Warriors.

    2. Top Coach: Spurs Coach, Gregg Popovich

    While it’s still too early to determine the best coach for 2017, we have to give our hats off to 2016’s top coach, Gregg Popovich.

    Popovich has changed his coaching style, with his defensive strategy proving very successful. If not convinced, check out what team was rated the top in 2016? Hint: it’s the team Popovich coaches.

     3. Yes, Lebron James is back as best player

    Although Stephen Curry was unanimously voted as most valuable player last year, as of right now LeBron James is back as NBA’s best basketball player

    4.  And the most improved player goes to…(maybe) Giannis Antetkounmpo

    Of course 2017 isn’t over yet— (it’s just begun)—but that doesn’t stop predictions for 2016-2017 most improved player from coming in.

    A current prediction for most improved is Milwaki Bucks point guard, Giannis Antetkounmpo.  

    Antetkoumpo has an insane amount of triple doubles—he may even challenge Russell Westbrook.

    Still, the season isn’t over (however this post is about current stats).

    5. And the top free agent (as of right now) is none other than Kevin Durant

    We know, Kevin Durant is most likely going to sign with the Golden State Warriors…again—and Oklahoma fans can once more cry out in outrage. But technically Durant is still a free agent; because of his tremendous offense he is placed at the top of our free agent list. (By the way, this is the world of basketball we’re talking about—anything can happen.)

     6. How about top prediction for sixth man of the year award? — Lou Williams

    We know, like most improved, there are no final selections, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make our predictions. And Lou Williams is our top prediction for 2016-2017 sixth man of the year award.

    Although the Lakers may not be a top contender, the Laker player one of the top for scoring in the fourth quarter.

    So, there you have it—most insane, current basketball rankings. Sure, this could change as the season progresses, but hey, we couldn’t help but throw in our two cents.

    We gave ours; now tell us yours: who do you think is currently the best player? Top coach? Most likely to win the sixth man of the year award?

    Weigh in.

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