The idea for Guarantee3 first originated when my son told me he wasn’t confident in his shot. I wanted him to succeed in basketball and, most of all, have fun. After much thinking, I realized my son needed a resistance tool to strengthen his shooting arm and constrain his dribbling. I started putting different materials together to see if I could create a device for my son that could re-instill his confidence and help him with his basketball skills.

With much time and hard work, Guarantee3 was born! 

Guarantee3 is a new piece of basketball training equipment, designed to build strength and muscle memory from the resistance band that’s attached to the trainer and glove (glove is placed on the shooting hand).

It is the first piece of basketball training equipment of its kind, as I designed it to be used with or without a basketball, on or off the court.

Since it's attached to the glove and trainer, the resistance band stabilizes and strengthens the forearm, wrist, and shoulder when shooting, dribbling, and passing.

This allows for a more controlled and consistent shot, faster and tighter dribbling, and better muscle memory development.

My son started to use it and, with practice and repetition wearing Guarantee3, his dribbling became more controlled and shot was on point. The best part though was that my son became more confident in his basketball skills and was back to enjoying the game again.

From seeing my son’s reaction and his improvement, I became inspired to help others do the same.

So, I looked into how this could be done. And a few months later, Guarantee3, the business, was launched.

Since then, Guarantee3 has helped a number of people—boys, girls, men, women—at all skill levels become better basketball players.

I am proud of this product and am proud to share it with you.

Thank you,

Dave Felkel, Guarantee3 President