1. Why should my son or daughter use Guarantee3?

Guarantee3 makes basketball fun again. With Guarantee3, your son and daughter will improve his/her basketball skills, instilling basketball confidence, as it’s a great way to improve shooting, dribbling and muscle memory to make anyone a better basketball player.

2. How often should Guarantee3 be used?

As much as you like! We recommend you check out our Guarantee3 6-Week Workout for specific training techniques when wearing Guarantee3.

But you can use it with pretty much any specific basketball training. Just make sure you listen to your body and are aware of its limits.

3. What is a good age to start using Guarantee3?

We recommend Guarantee3 for anyone 8 years and older.

All children under 18 years of age should use Guarantee3 with adult supervision. (Please make sure to read the warning label on the package as well as the warning information at Guarantee3.com)

4. Can Guarantee3 be used anywhere?

Yes, Guarantee3 can be used anywhere: at home, in front of a mirror, or in the backyard.

5. What sizes does Guarantee3 come in and how do I know it will fit?

Guarantee3 has an adjustable waist strap and shoulder straps that will adjust to fit a small 8-year-old to a 7-foot-tall basketball player.

You will know it fits when the waist strap and should straps aren’t too tight or too loose—it should be a snug fit.

6. How does Guarantee3 work?

Watch our introduction video and you will see how simple it is to adjust and fit before using. You can also watch our shooting and dribbling videos to get a better idea of how Guarantee3 is being used.

Also, you can read about how to wear Guarantee3 in the instructions section.

7. If I receive a damaged product, how can I return it?

Learn more about our return policy on Guarantee3 here.