It's helped me gain more muscle memory all throughout my body. It's help me lengthen and shorten my muscle contraction. I've gained a lot of fundamental skills in basketball and become an all-around, better basketball player. 



When I am down in the block, Guarantee3 really helped me cause it allows me to keep the ball low. Being tall, the ball used to get stolen easily from me. Since using Guarantee3, my game has really improved and I can go up strong without getting the ball stripped.



Guarantee3 has increased my dribbling skills and has given me a rapid improvement on the way I dribble. My cross over move is a lot better than before I started.



I just started playing basketball and Guarantee3 has really helped me improve my shooting form and dribbling skills. While I'm just beginning, I already feel good about my game! 




Guarantee3 helps me focus on technique, which has improved my game. I feel I am wearing it as I play on the court because it is part of my daily training.




I like that it helps my form and reminds me to keep the ball low and close to my body.




I think it’s a great device to help my muscle memory and muscle control while dribbling the ball and also help my shooting technique.



It really makes me focus on my technique when dribbling and shooting