1. Instructions:

    • Check the equipment for safety. Resistance bands can break down from continued use or exposure to extreme temperatures. Prior to starting your workout, check the equipment for signs of damage or malfunction, such as cracks in stretch bands, tears and stitch damage on waist straps, shoulder strap and glove, stretch bands hooks are tight and snug to stretch bands.
    • Use as directed. Follow the routine attached. Not intended for muscle bulking workouts. Overuse of product may cause blisters, rash and skin irritation.
    • Use proper form for all exercises. Talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program.
    • Intended use for ages 8 and older.
  2. Important Safety Instructions

    Warning: Guarantee3 is designed for use with high quality color coded rubber tubing. Nylon webbing shoulder harness with waist band re-enforced stitching and heavy duty connecting rings. High quality material three finger workout glove with re-enforced stitching and heavy duty connecting rings. All products have the potential for damage or premature wear.

    • Read all instructions before using Guarantee3.
    • Consult your doctor before starting on any fitness program.
    • Do not allow unsupervised children under 18 before getting familiar with product use.
    • Do not leave children unsupervised around the equipment.
    • Intended for ages 8 and older.
    • Use the equipment only for its intended purpose. Overuse of product may cause blisters, rash and skin irritation.
    • Always inspect the equipment for damage before each use. Do not use the equipment if it is damaged. When not in use, store in Guarantee3 bag included in product.
    • If damaged contact Guarantee3@hotmail.com

Warning Labels

The following warning labels are on the package, on the directions and on the Guarantee3 website. Please read label carefully:


Serious or fatal injury can occur. Exercise programs of any kind can present danger to the participant at any time. Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program. All Guarantee3 equipment is intended to be used with correct form as shown/illustrated/described in the instructions. Anyone under the age of 18 should be supervised by an adult. Always read all warnings and instructions before use. Use proper techniques and common sense when exercising. Check your equipment thoroughly before each use for any signs of damage or defects. Please discontinue use immediately if any is found. Not intended for commercial use.